What is the most important role of an athletic trainer?

Athletic coaches are healthcare personnel who are specifically trained to help diagnose, treat, and prevent sports injuries in a variety of settings. Their participation in school sports and athlete care is evidence-based to improve overall results. One of the main tasks of a sports coach is to provide immediate care to an injured player. They are first responders to an athlete and are equipped with the knowledge and training to provide care in the situation at hand, even those that potentially threaten the athlete's life.

An TA can also work with doctors to provide a variety of health care services to student athletes. In many schools, the sports coach will work with the school nurse to care for all students. Returning the injured athlete to sports as quickly and safely as possible is the sports coach's top priority. To become a certified athletic coach, an individual must graduate with a bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited athletic training education program.

It seems to me that athletes are more likely to open up about something that is affecting them, such as a trusted visible adult who is sometimes more likely to approach than their parents and coaches. Throughout his career, he has worked with athletes ranging from professional soccer to high school athletes. This type of presence requires training from athletic training programs that prepare them to respond to all kinds of needs that a team or athlete may face. In the simplest description, sports coaches are unique healthcare providers who specialize in preventing sports injuries, recognizing and diagnosing injuries and illnesses, and treating and rehabilitating active patients from their injuries.

In addition to class work, the athletic training student must complete a series of clinical rotations at several high schools and universities, as well as pass a comprehensive test administered by the Certification Board for the Athletic Coach. The first step to becoming a sports coach is to find a sports training program that pushes you toward your goals. Sports coaches are committed health professionals who take pride in helping to keep an eye on school athletes. An important and often underestimated role that sports coaches play is their ability to mitigate the risk that comes with daily sports participation.

Eric Goodman is a certified sports coach through the Certification Board of the National Athletic Coaches Association. Sports coaches prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate the injuries and illnesses of thousands of high school athletes each year. Athletic coaches (TA) play a vital role in high school sporting events, if the school is lucky enough to have one. When most people hear the term athletic training, it's common to imagine a man or woman running to the aid of an injured athlete on the field or court.

Given their unique training and experience, sports coaches are incredibly important in helping to protect athletes before, during and after an injury or illness occurs.

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